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B.C. (Lindsay, US)

I’m a dude and a seasoned scrub shopper due to skewing more on the side of odd body proportions (10 years exp as a weightlifter) rather than blatant American hyperconsumerism. When you’ve got 28” quads, an 46” BOOTAY and 17” calves at 5’6”, most s**t don’t fit right coming off the rack ya hear? I’d been simping for FitScrubs for the past couple years cause they were the only ones on the market that had any decent cuts for buff dudes. But over the past years, their material quality has gone downhill, and is way too thin, so the FitScrubs don’t hold up to multiple washes and start falling apart at the seams. Ridiculous. You end up with a scrub that is way too revealing imo and which you need to patch up in your free time.

It’s 2023. Enter Mediclo. Ok I didn’t know about this brand until I saw one of my coworkers rep these scrubs. She looks GORGEOUS in the stone blue set ngl but I was apprehensive with trying these out. Far too many scrub brands out there are designed for skinny lanky people without any meat on them. What about the muscular folks? Nobody wanna wear the trash bag brands, cmon. So another nurse coworker I know had purchased Mediclo scrubs, and I was immediately impressed with the material quality after examining it up close. She spoke highly of this company so I decided to take a leap of faith. (ish)

I bought the Fycel and Tencel scrub pants, joggers, and classic scrub top this week. It’s Nurses Week, treat ya self. I f’ed up and didn’t read in the description that the classic V-neck scrub top was a slim fit. Big F. That top def does not fit muscular dudes with MorePlatesMoreDates boulder shoulders imma tell you straight. Don’t even waste your time. Those are getting returned ASAP. But ok YO THESE KODIAK JOGGERS! Wow! Just wow. I’m not a fan of the Fycel fabric but the Tencel joggers are straight fire. This fabric is extremely aesthetically appealing and does not trap in heat and moisture like the crappy cotton boxy garbage bags disguised as “medical clothing” that was featured in the past decade. You know the ones. Rhymes Barhart or the other which is an Indian tribe. Naw. But…with Mediclo scrubs on, you could be coding room 2, on compressions, and man you won’t be overheating. The fabric has a little stretch in the joints and sear as well which is so sorely needed for dudes with lots of lean mass. Now you can get that hip hinge action into your compressions. Hey, maybe your patient will be unlucky enough to live again. Anyways, the Kodiak joggers have 10 pockets, 10! The cargo pockets around the knee are a god send for keeping my supplies organized as a ED RN. Even with my size 8.0 fat paws, you can easily get your hands into and out of these cargo pockets. The 29” inseam is perfect for my height as well. I can still do squats and lunges with these joggers. In total the Kodiak Tencel joggers are outstanding. I was not impressed by the Fycel fit and cut (it’s different) so I won’t be getting those again. Fingers crossed that these scrubs hold up for a good while. I want the chance to really love these scrubs. I’ve already got a second order placed and am eagerly awaiting my Stone Blue set and the other types of scrub tops!

Olin Rogers (Chicago, US)
Nothing special to say…

The scrubs are great, I’ve bought maybe 7 sets now. Feel great, look great(no one in my hospital has drip like this). My only issue is these bullshit new styles for men y’all have suck…the Fraser and the Hamilton are ugly. Lavender and mauve are nice….turn it into a banded collar and tree joggers. Spring is coming and you bring back brown…wrong season in the U.S. Women have some of the best colors….I literally have to buy mandala scrubs if I want any good colors….the material and fit suck! Men like colors! We like the joggers…sunflower was a breathe of fresh air….give us a different style of collar, how about scrubs with an place for your work I.D? Make some shoes to match you clothes! Make a scrub cap,you could turn your 3 colors into red, black and green for black history month and sell special edition scrubs…it would boost your visibility, in crease your market because black ppl don’t have many places that make scrubs for our bodies…(our big butts and bust make getting scrub tops that fit difficult and pants that aren’t too low cut we’re we need more space for our manhood) give us red! Give us purple! Give us a soft pink and I swear I’ll buy to support y’all making more colors!! I’ve had to shop with jannuu and even figs!! Flipin figs!! Because of their opinions, colors and decent fit….they are becoming the main place I get my scrubs. Just do more if you can or I’m not going to have a reason to shop here anymore.

Sophia Hernandez

Kodiak Limited Colors Jogger Scrub Pants 29"

Kayla Piao (Brooklyn, US)

Kodiak Limited Colors Jogger Scrub Pants 29"

Vince (El Monte, US)
Good quality

The clothes are good. I like the pants length. As a short guy the length was perfect for me.