As a start-up company, we cannot begin to express our gratitude to the community of people who support us. Because of loyal customers, such as yourselves, we can continue thriving and improving.

Sustainability continues to remain our top priority. We will continue to learn new ways to improve throughout the entire life cycle of our products. From ethical practices in our factory, the transportation of our goods, to even packaging, we truly care. Your continued support helps and encourages us as we become more sustainable without compromising our commitment to quality, comfort, or style.

We appreciate you.

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Mediclo's journey began in the summer of 2017. Our founder, who has worked in the medical field for over 25 years, felt the need for a more comfortable and chic line of medical apparel. He saw his peers trapped in restricting scrubs for long shifts - with many having to go out in the same clothes once work was over! He wanted to make medical apparel that would be comfortable throughout the shift, while also empowering healthcare professionals with the confidence of knowing they looked great wearing it. Through his passion for innovative medical apparel and experience in the medical field, Mediclo was founded and has grown ever since.