FABRIC that does all:

We searched and found that most scrubs on the market, even recently debuted products, were inflexible, rough. Mediclo spent time looking for a solution to these problems while implementing eco-consciousness in the process. We value our planet, and environmental welfare was integral to our mission. Through product research, we found that even established designer labels were producing products that were not eco-conscious, and were often sub-standard in quality.

After much trial and error, we developed TENCEL™ blended fabrics. This process results in high resource efficiency and low environmental impact and offers a unique wearing experience.

Now you can enjoy 

            • Silky Smoothness
            • Velvety luxurious Looking
            • Cooler than Linen
            • More absorbent than Cotton
            • Gentleness on Sensitive Skin
            • Limitation Bacteria Growth
            • Flexibility for a full range of performance
            • Quick dryness 
            • Thermal Regulation
            • Breathability
            • Moisture Wicking
            • Resistance to static cling ( yes~, great for Vet!!!)
            • SUSTAINABILITY

It's NATURALLY great!


Breathable>Limits Bacteria Growth: Our fabric naturally manages the transportation of moisture, contributing to breathable fabrics that provide a less favorable environment for bacteria growth, offering better hygienic qualities.

Sustainable & Exquisitely Gentle on your skin: Derived from renewable wood sources using Eco Soft Technology, Mediclo Fabric gently embraces your body with long-lasting softness to help your skin feel pleasantly cool and dry throughout day and night. 

You can learn more @https://www.tencel.com/