As a start-up company, we cannot begin to express our gratitude to the community of people who support us. Because of loyal customers, such as yourselves, we can continue thriving and improving.

Sustainability continues to remain our top priority. We will continue to learn new ways to improve throughout the entire life cycle of our products. From ethical practices in our factory, the transportation of our goods, to even packaging, we truly care. Your continued support helps and encourages us as we become more sustainable without compromising our commitment to quality, comfort, or style.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals

As our company continues to grow, the SDG are our guidelines, and we seek to mirror these as our own goals. It is important in communicating our commitment to contributing to the Global Goals; claiming accountability and responsibility to take the necessary actions; and measuring progress over time.

Our Priorities

Climate action

We will reduce our carbon footprint and invest in solutions that remove more greenhouse gasses than we emit.

Resource efficiency

Environmental impact in mind when we design and make business decisions.

Low impact care

Garment care is one of major drivers of total impact.

More than Just scrubs

Since the inception of Mediclo, we have pledged to plant one tree for every order we receive.

Mediclo is committed to doing what we can to improve quality of life, not just for the planet, but for all the people who inhabit it as well.

Over 1.5 M plastic bottles saved

By making our TREE scrubs with recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester.

Breathable and body temperature regulated scrubs. Odor absorbent and Moisture wicking.

Enjoy the Benefits of Tree Scrubs

Over 2.5 M plastic bottles diverted

As landfill waste by making our FYSEL scrubs with recycled polyester instead of virgin polyester.

Structured Scrubs with no wrinkling. No color fading with easy care instructions.

Enjoy the Benefits of Bottle Scrubs