Annabelle Bowman

Annabelle Bowman

Name: Annabelle Bowman

Medical Title/Credentials: Oncology CNA 

IG: @annabellegbowman

Favorite Hobby: Trying new foods

Why did you choose this profession?: I always loved help others around me and making them feel better so I decided to go into healthcare to be an advocate to those who need the support. I am a patient myself as I battle every day with an invisible disability and I want to be a voice to those in my community and know I am advocating for them! 

Biggest Inspiration: My family. They always support me and my dreams, pushing me to do what I love and always tell me that I can do it!

Current Passion Project: incorporating medicine/health with cosmetology 

Fun Fact: I am a twin! 

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?: Don't let anyone tell how you can't do something; you are capable of doing anything! Do what makes YOU happy 

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