Justine Ipac & Jake Bendicion

Justine Ipac & Jake Bendicion

Name: Justine Ipac & Jake Bendicion

IG: @thepabaes

Title: PA Students

favorite hobby: Exercising, hiking, and playing with our dogs!

School/Program: UNR Med Physician Assistant Studies Program

Why did you choose your profession?: We chose the PA profession because we felt that this was how we could best make a difference in our patients lives. We were inspired by the PAs we worked with prior to starting school and found that they as well as their patients seemed so happy and pleased!

Current Passion Project: Helping and inspiring pre-health students along their journey in medicine!

Who was/is your inspiration? Our families were our inspiration! Working to not only care for them in the future, but to show them that they can trust in and be proud of the children they raised.

How do you get over the troubled times: A pint of ice cream! Haha In all seriousness we rely on each other. We communicate and raise each other up when one of us are down.

Fun Fact: Justine can solve a Rubik’s cube in 7.64 seconds. Jake once ate 16 tacos in one sitting.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field? Be patient! There is no rush in becoming a PA. Your experience prior to school will only help you in the long run. Don’t compare yourself to others and don’t doubt your path. You can do this!

Any other message/ motivational quotes you'd like to share: Thank you too all of those following along our journey. We hope we can help you find your way, whatever that may be.

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