Caleb White

Caleb White

Name: Dr. Caleb White

Medical Title/Credentials: PGY-1 Podiatry Resident

IG: @calebwhite5

School/Program: Kendall Regional Hospital

Favorite Hobby: I am a big movie guy... I absolutely love going to the movies to catch whatever is being released on the big screen.

Why did you choose this profession? I chose this profession during my third year of college. I always knew I wanted to join the medical field and working in the ER throughout college really gave me the drive to help achieve that goal. For the longest time, I believed I wanted to go into emergency medicine, but after shadowing all of the different departments the hospital had to offer I began to quickly fall in love with podiatry. After much debate and pondering, I decided podiatry was the right field I wanted to pursue as it met the needs of what I truly wanted most in medicine. In the spring of 2022, I had the privilege of matching at a podiatric residency that specializes in trauma so I get to have a taste in both of the specialties I love!

Biggest Inspiration: My wife and parents helped pave the way for me to pursue my dream career and are such an inspiration to me!

Current Passion Project: Teaching those fresh into medicine the appropriate steps and guidance on what it's like to pursue your career in healthcare. Our future lies in our next generation and teaching and mentoring those who are trying to learn and grow in their knowledge will only help the future of healthcare! I love to help educate and make sure individuals who were in the same shoes as I perform even better than when I was in their position.

Fun Fact: Every chance I have to play the Chainsmokers in the OR I get to. Favorite musical artist without a doubt.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field? Always ask. This career will leave you with so many questions that are hard to answer alone. Make sure to ask those who have been in your shoes for the best advice whether that be with clinical skills or with studying habits- never be afraid to ask and to learn.

Any other piece of advice, motivational quote, or message you would like to share? If you take the path to medical school make sure you rely heavily on what brings you peace and comfort during stressful situations. Whether that be religion (that's what I relied on), friends, hobbies, or certain environments make sure to not let the stress of the profession take away what truly matters to you and what you rely on to help keep you going.

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