Dv’nn Cooks

Dv’nn Cooks

Name: Dv’nn Cooks

Medical Title/Credentials: PA-S1

IG: @princedvnn

School/Program: UW MEDEX Northwest

Favorite Hobby: Family time and coaching football

Why did you choose this profession? To provide patients with the same empathy, comfort, and knowledge I once received from a PA, all while working together with a team.

Biggest Inspiration: Father and oldest brother

Current Passion Project: Helping AK football athletes develop skills on and off the field that’ll benefit them even after football is done. 

Fun Fact: Peach Cobbler is my favorite dessert!

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field? Set goals, write them down, and work everyday to accomplish your goals. #SeeItThrough

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