Catherine Siu

Catherine Siu

At Mediclo, we believe in celebrating the heroes of healthcare, and today, we are honored to shine a spotlight on Catherine Siu, a second-year student at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University in the MD program. Catherine not only excels academically but also takes the lead as the Co-President of APAMSA (Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association), making significant contributions to the medical student community.

Choosing Medicine: A Personal Journey

Catherine's journey into the medical field took a unique path. Initially pursuing Bio Research, she found her true calling when she began interacting with patients. Her background as a child of immigrants, often serving as a translator for her parents, highlighted the importance of clear communication in healthcare, especially across language and cultural barriers. Catherine's desire to bridge these gaps led her to choose medicine, where she could not only apply her passion for bioresearch but also interact meaningfully with patients.

"Medical school gives me the knowledge to diagnose patients, and then tools to be able to explain things in a way that everybody can understand," says Catherine, emphasizing the crucial role of effective communication in the field.

Asian Extravaganza and Mediclo's Support

As the Co-President of APAMSA, Catherine spearheads events like the Asian Extravaganza, bringing the medical student community together. When asked why she chose Mediclo as a sponsor, Catherine shared insights into the challenges faced by second-year students entering hospitals.

"As second year students, starting our clerkship years inside the hospital, we realize wearing scrubs for longer shifts requires good quality, especially for someone like me with dust allergies. Mediclo's scrubs, made from plant-based materials, not only offer sustainability but are also gentle on sensitive skin,

Sustainability in Healthcare: A Vital Perspective

Catherine acknowledges the challenges of sustainability in healthcare, particularly in surgical fields where some items cannot be reused. However, she sees daily workwear, like sustainable scrubs, as an opportunity to showcase mindfulness towards sustainability in the medical profession.

“Being mindful of our choices, like wearing sustainable scrubs, is a step towards a more eco-friendly healthcare environment”, she remarks.

Choosing Scrubs: The Perfect Fit and Sustainability

Discussing her preferences in healthcare clothing, Catherine highlights the importance of inclusivity. As a person of shorter stature, she appreciates brands that offer petite sizing. Mediclo's 3 different ranges of pant lengths, including petite sizes, impressed her, eliminating the need for tailoring and ensuring a comfortable fit for every body type.

"Normal scrubs in the hospitals always run very large, so it's always nice to have scrubs that fit my body type. Having scrubs that fit me well, being inclusive is very important for clothing " she affirms.

Beyond Medicine: A Peek into Catherine's World

Outside of her medical journey, Catherine finds solace in cooking, particularly crafting delicious pasta dishes. She values the rewarding nature of her profession, where each day brings the satisfaction of waking up and doing a good job.

In the world of medicine, heroes like Catherine Siu inspire us with their dedication, compassion, and commitment to making a positive impact. Mediclo is proud to support and celebrate individuals like her, contributing to a sustainable and compassionate future in healthcare.

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