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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here’s to all the moms, mamas, mother-in-laws and grandmas!

No matter what you call that special person in your life, we’re confident that you’re getting ready for this weekend's festivities and showing them how much you care. In honor of Mother’s Day we’ve rounded up some eco-friendly tips that will help you celebrate mom while being mindful of mother earth.

    1. Cards - If you are celebrating mom from afar, sending them an e-card saves on paper waste and time. If you’re opting for a physical card, we recommend using cards made from recycled materials and that can be recycled. 
    2. Potted plants instead of flowers - Most bouquets and flowers usually end up in landfills after a few days, so to eliminate this waste, try gifting potted plants. They can double as decoration and will continue to flourish with proper care.
    3. Plan ahead - If you’re planning on sharing a meal at home, it’s a great idea to plan your menu and grocery list ahead of time to avoid over-purchasing and potentially wasting food and drinks.
    4. Reusable food containers - If you find yourself with leftovers after a gathering, package your food in reusable containers. This helps cut down waste and lets your guests leave with something to take home.
    5. Swapping single use plastic with sustainable alternatives - When gathering for a meal using cutlery and tableware you already own is most useful. However, if you are opting to use disposable items, consider swapping single use plastic with foodware made from bamboo, or other eco-friendly materials.
    6. Unconventional gifting - If you don’t know what to get mom, try gifting a service or activity. This is perfect for the moms that “don’t need anything” but wouldn’t mind indulging in a fun activity or day of pampering. Not only does this reflect thoughtfulness but also cuts down on unnecessary waste.
    7. Sustainable jewelry - Raw materials for fine jewelry are available in finite amounts and the process of sourcing these materials have a significant environmental and ethical cost. Consider supporting brands that practice fair trade, ethical practices, and responsible sourcing that lessen their impact on the planet and people.
    8. Sustainable starter kits - Give mom the gift that gives back. Curating a kit with sustainable swaps like reusable bottles, straws, and produce bags can introduce your mom to easy lifestyle swaps that are customized to them while giving back to Mother Earth.
    9. Gift wrapping - If you’re giving a physical gift, try swapping traditional gift wrap for gift bags you can reuse or use a reusable cloth. You can even adorn your package with twine and dried citrus ornament for an extra special touch. 


We hope you were inspired to incorporate some of these tips into your mom’s special day.


Happy Mother’s Day

-       Team Mediclo

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