Name/IG: @selenium_34_

Medical Title/Credentials: Premed Student

School/Program: Just graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in biology!

Favorite food: smoothies

Why did you choose your profession? I am applying to medical school this year because becoming a physician will allow me to unite my passions for teaching, science, and helping people through tough times.

Biggest Inspiration: My grandma is my inspiration. She worked in a factory for years so my mom could go to college, and I am so proud to be on my way to becoming the first doctor in our family. My grandma’s battle with Ogilvie’s Syndrome showed me the power healthcare professionals have to change lives, and my grandma inspires me to work hard and become a doctor worthy of caring for patients like her.

Current Passion Project: Writing letters to elderly patients in nursing homes and retirement communities through the organization Love for the Elderly.

How do you get over the troubled times: I am a very confident person, but I have still have moments of doubt and struggles with imposter syndrome. Like most premeds, I know the difficulty of the path I am pursuing. Some of you have asked me about how to overcome doubts on this premed path, so here are the ways I motivate myself to keep going and believe in my own abilities.

Manifest the dream: I watch YouTube videos about medical school, read books about the medical field, and subscribe to blogs about my top medical specialties.

Consciously acknowledge how far you have come: when I doubt myself, I try to remember my proudest achievements and all I learned from them. I graduated from UC San Diego with a major in biology and two minors, earned a spot as an MCAT tutor, and founded my own social media business - and I am so proud of the skills I gained from these experiences.

Become a teacher, tutor, or mentor: passing on the things I have learned to future generations is so wonderful and rewarding, and it shows me that I am strong and capable. When I have younger students looking up to me, I feel so much more driven, confident, and happy.

Watch lecture podcasts while you workout: I found a used elliptical and treadmill on eBay for cheap, and I put my laptop in front so I can see the slides.

Write down E V E R Y T H I N G: keeping organized is so important. I use a digital planner that I designed myself to be the perfect premed planner.

Work on related tasks together - in neuroscience, we learned that when you work on a task, your brain activates all the circuits and neurons related to that task. When you switch to a new task, your brain has to adjust. The shift happens quickly, but it takes a toll on your memory, focus, and productivity.

Fun Fact 1: I have a corgi / blue heeler mix named Phoebe, and she is the sweetest little puppy in the world.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field? As a premed, I learned that the mitochondria are the powerhouse of the cell, memorized the Krebs Cycle, and all that other good biology stuff. But the most important of all: time management. Learning how to effectively manage your time is one of the smartest things you can do as a premed. I picked up some really helpful premed life hacks over the past four years, here are some of my favorites!


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