Michelle Fong

Michelle Fong

Name: Michelle Fong

Medical Title/Credentials: 3rd Year Dental Student

IG: @wanderlustingdds

School/Program: UOP Arthur A Dugoni School of Dentistry

Favorite Hobby: Exploring the world! When I'm not traveling, I like to release my inner creativity through arts and crafts!

Why did you choose this profession? My heart has always been drawn to the healthcare field. I noticed that having a great confident smile can boost someone's self esteem and self love. I want to be able to make a difference in someone's life even if it may be something small. Dentistry is the perfect profession where I can dedicate my time to helping others and have a good work-life balance. I also love that dentistry is an art form that I can perfect for each one of my patients. I enjoy bonding with my patients and establishing a strong relationship with them. I hope to break the negative stigma towards dentists because we are friendly people who truly want what is best for everyone's oral health and overall health!

Biggest Inspiration: My parents are my biggest inspiration. They worked tirelessly to support me and my family. They deserve everything they have and more! I can only aspire to be as great as them. I hope to keep learning more from my parents as I grow older and wiser.

Current Passion Project: Documenting my last year of dental school on Instagram and in my journal so that I can revisit these great memories

Fun Fact: I pour my milk first before my cereal LOL don't hate on it until you've tried it. DM me on Instagram and I will convince you that this is the right way to eat cereal!

How do you get over the troubled times? I love to work out to blow off steam, eat a delicious meal as a reward, and then enjoy my night with some wine and Netflix.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field? Stay motivated but don't let yourself burn out! Enjoy the small moments because you deserve it after hustling so hard to reach your dreams. Never let failure scare you away and if you do fail, get right back up and try again. We all get there in the end and everyone has their own unique journey!

Any other piece of advice, motivational quote, or message you would like to share? "Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others after an experience with you is your trademark"

- Jay Danzie

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