Let's empower each other!

Let's empower each other!
Your generous gift will fund crisis intervention and suicide prevention work for LGBTQ youth. You’re providing stability and support to LGBTQ youth during uncertain times. Thank you for showing them they aren't alone even if they might feel that way.

Your life-saving gift today will help:

-Train a record number of crisis counselors so we can connect with more LGBTQ youth
-Continue and expand all of our crisis services 24/7 for free
-Expand our advocacy, research, and education efforts
And save young LGBTQ lives

By donating to Trevor, you are showing your pride for the LGBTQ community and your commitment to supporting LGBTQ youth. While many LGBTQ youth cannot celebrate pride openly, they are able to reach out to Trevor during any moment of crisis to feel loved, accepted, and supported by our strong community. As we come together to celebrate Pride Everywhere, your support of Trevor ensures that more LGBTQ youth can access Trevor any time of day.

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