Jiyeh Joo

Jiyeh Joo

Name: Jiyeh Joo

Medical Title/Credentials: Family Physician/General Practitioner, MD, CFPC

IG: @dr.jiyehjoo

School/Program: Completed family medicine residency training at McMaster University, Canada

Favorite Hobby: I recently started a youtube channel! It's been an adventure as I am learning everything on my own starting from filming & editing the video. But I am having so much fun that I often lose track of time when I am working on it. It's also been a platform for me to share my interest and connect with others. Make sure to check it out: www.youtube.com/c/WithDrJ

Why did you choose this profession? I love the variety & flexibility that the field of family medicine can offer as you can pretty much do anything and everything you want! And also the longitudinal relationship I can build with my patients is the BONUS!

Biggest Inspiration: My parents! They made such a big sacrifice to provide a better and brighter future for me and I won't be here without their love and support

Fun Fact: My close friends and family call me "carnivore" as I enjoy having meat.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field? Entering the field of medicine can feel like a distant, unreachable dream and you will face challenges that could make you feel discouraged and doubtful. You are not alone and I have been there. If this is something that your heart truly desires, follow your passion and give your best effort and there will be fruitful outcome. You know yourself the best and your true potential!!

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