Bahar Jalalian

Bahar Jalalian

Name: Bahar Jalalian

Medical Title/Credentials: Dentist/ DMD 

IG: @doctor.bahar.dmd

Favorite Hobby: Weightlifting 

Why did you choose this profession?: I was always bullied as a kid and one comment from a bully that stuck with me most was, “You know, at least you have a pretty smile.” As hurtful as this comment was, it also made me realize how universal a smile and its beauty can be. Smiles don’t discriminate; they don’t choose a person of a certain shape, color, or size; they simply shine and radiate for others to see and feel uplifted by. I am so proud to be a smile doctor and to be able to help others feel healthy and confident in their own smiles. 

Biggest Inspiration: My mom. She’s the strongest, most confident woman I know. She’s unapologetically herself, and I live by her mantra to be unapologetically me. 

Current Passion Project: Working with Extra Mile Pediatrics to be the first dentist they’ve had going on a mission trip to help children in Ecuador and Guatemala. 

Fun Fact: My Bachelor’s degree is actually in Comparative Literature! I’m a huge bookworm, and I love to write. 

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?: Make sure you know what dentistry entails before you sign up for it. Dentistry is truly a form of art maybe more so than any field of healthcare. If you love art AND science, this could be a great career path for you! 

Any other piece of advice, motivational quote, or message you would like to share? If you have to choose, choose hope and happiness. Life isn’t easy for anyone, and it’s even harder for some of us. But if you choose to hope for a better day, a better day will inevitably come. 

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