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Stylish and tapered with the just perfect amount of pockets. Our Sable pants feature a contrasting drawstring cord and a slim-straight fit. They're perfect if you're on the go and pair well with just about anything.

Regular inseam: 30", Tall inseam: 32", Short inseam: 28"


Fabric Content

Recycled Polyester 75% / Rayon 20% / Spandex 5%

Care Instructions

  • Machine washable
  • Wash with like colors
  • Non-chlorine bleach when needed
  • Tumble dry
  • Air fluff setting or simply hang dry to help prevent wrinkles
  • Iron when needed
  • Overloading washer or dryer could damage your clothes and decrease your washer and dryer's efficiency

Customer Reviews

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M (Claremont, US)
Best Scrub Pant I've Found...Yes I've tried them all

Fit is perfect at 6'0 / 175lbs in size Medium / Tall.
Summary: The tailoring on these are awesome. Regular scrub pants from comparable companies are way to baggy like hospital scrubs and personally I find scrub Joggers to fit weird -- always too long and bunch up at the ankle, they don't look clean like ABC Joggers from Lululemon. These are nicely tapered and honestly the best scrub bottoms I've tried (for reference I've tired: Figs Axim, Pisco, Tansen; Mandala Joggers and Pants; Jaanuu Mesh Joggers, Drawstring Joggers, 6 pocket Pants).

Regarding Features: Pockets are great and have a smaller internal one that is perfectly sized for a phone. The thigh pockets on Figs and Mandala were way too large where my iPhone 12 would be at a 45-60 degree angle. The thigh pockets on Jaanuu have a zipper but are also slightly too wide and located too far back on the thigh where it hangs weird when you side down.

Regarding Cut: The Cut is perfect, reminds me of ABC Pants from Lululemon or Meta pants from Vuori if you want a reference.

Regarding Length: 32" Inseam on 'Tall' is perfect for me and anyone over ~5'10. The 30" Inseam on 'Regular' is too short for me by an inch. Heads up on lengths: all those aforementioned companies use a 32" inseam on their 'Regular' length pants, so if you buy 'Regulars' at other companies you probably will want a 'Tall' here b/c the inseam lengths are different.

Regarding Fabrics: 'Bottle Edition' (AKA Fysel) is similar to the standard fabric at Figs or Mandala or Fuseryx at Jaanuu. It's the classic soft, thick, wrinkle free you're familiar with. 'Tree Edition' (AKA Tercel) is a more technical fabric thats akin to Ultralite at Jaanuu. It's cool to the touch, thinner, lightweight, and reminds me of the Fundamental T-Shirt at Lululemon. The colors on this fabric are muted and slightly heathered just by the nature of it. I found my Navy Tree Edition to be lighter in color and less solid than the Navy Bottle Edition. Tree is definitely more for hot climates, but personally I like the durability and classic feeling of Bottle Edition. Can't go wrong with either.

Concerns: Huge lack of colors. Really hope all the core colors get 'Tall' cuts because of how common of a length 32" inseam is. I'm required to use Navy Scrubs for certain days so I'm still forced to use less favorable scrubs. I also dislike that Tree Edition seems to get all the love when it comes to colors, I really feel Bottle is more standard and would be the perfect entry for Figs/Jaanuu converts. If Mediclo can bring all the classic colors (Navy, Black, Gray, Maroon, Ceil blue) to both Tree AND Bottle in the Tall lengths, they'll have a real winner.

Disclosure: No I'm not some influencer for Mediclo (but reach out to me b/c I would like to become one for you guys haha), but I use to work at Lululemon and have a really strong background with this sorta stuff. They just did a good job with these and I was incredibly disappointed with all those aforementioned companies scrubs that people seem to rave about. I don't think Men's Scrubs have been given the same amount love as Women's scrubs at those companies, but this is the first company where I've found them to actually have the same level of detail and thought.